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More Extreme Freestyle Football? NEW VLOG

Recently I took a bit of time out with my friend George Mayfield to explore the beautiful sights of the Yorkshire Dales. It’s one of the most beautiful and challenging spots I’ve ever freestyled in…


Checking out the New Balance Otruska pack

Recently I got to test out the brand new Otruska pack from New Balance…


Behind the Scenes on Jamie Johnson…

I recently posted about the new series of Jamie Johnson but I thought this time I would share some behind the scenes footage fro the show…


Ultimate Football Skills ebook

Last year I decided to put all that I have learnt from football freestyle training into notes so that I could use it to help other players improve their skills.


Jamie Johnson Returns…

I’m super excited for the new series of Jamie Johnson, series 3 starts THIS WEEK!


Hows your touch?!!!

Hello everyone! I hope that you enjoyed my last update from my current tour with Guinness World Records. We have had such a great response from the challenges that I’ve been doing so thank you so much for your support, its great to be sharing my work with everyone and if your on my website […]


My 7th Guinness World Record!

Hello everyone! I hope your enjoying the summer months? Its been one thing after another with me but of course thats they way I like it! I’m currently as I write this in my hotel room in the middle of a UK tour with Guinness World Records. Its going very well, me and and the […]


New World Record from 105ft!

Wow what can I say, probably the hardest record I’ve done so far! After setting the initial World Record for controlling a ball at height 2 months ago we decided to take it to another level and drop a ball from a Drone flying at 105 ft. I’m absolutely delighted to be progressing so much […]


Football Freestyle in New York

Hello everyone, how are we? Sorry I’ve not posted on here for a while! The reason is I’ve been freestyling in New York! I have have just returned from another trip to the USA filming for MOTD Kickabout, we have created a very special American Special for the summer of 2016 I’m not going to […]


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"That's real Skill!"

Bear Grylls, British adventurer, writer and television presenter.

"His Show is Amazing!"

New York Daily News

"I've never seen anything like it in all my life!"

Mark Wright, Television Personality


Neymar Jr, FC Barcelona and Brazil

"A Freestyle Magician"

Juan Mata, Manchester United and Spain